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What do I do First???

First, look at the website. Look at the kittens. 


Second, read my Contract and Information Pages to make sure you understand how things work.

Third, IF you agree with everything you have read, TEXT me 540-429-0311 with Your NAME, Your Facebook name and the kittens you are interested in. TEXT TEXT TEXT. When you do a friend request, please make sure you have already text me your name, otherwise I won't know who the request is from and will not accept. 

Fourth, LOOK at the arrival dates of the kittens you like. If it says a kitten will arrive on March 15 and it is now Jan 24, you cannot visit the kitten. It is NOT here yet. Look at the dates please. Most of the time, I bring the kittens as they are sold so they are not sitting around my cattery. 

Finally, once you have chosen your kitty, TEXT me 540-429-0311 to be sure it is still available before you send the deposit. Deposit is $400.00 We do Zelle, Cash App and CC option through the website. Balance will be due at pick up or delivery. 

Hopefully this simplifies things for everyone. Happy Kitty searching. 



What should I do once kitten comes home?

It is seriously best to give the kitten some peace and quiet for a couple of days. Keep kids calm and pets away for a while. They should be quarantined until their vet visit.  Let them get used to you coming in and petting them and talking to them. If the kitten is overwhelmed and scared, things will not go well. It's very likely a stressed kitten will start sneezing or getting an upper respiratory infection or die from Exhaustion. They don't know when to stop. Let their immune systems build up. Do not let them walk on grass outdoors for some time. They can get bacteria, virus and worms, especially from dog poo. Just be calm and easy with them. It's a new home for them and they need to adjust slowly. 

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