Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 2

Things to Know
Some things are common sense , but maybe we haven't thought about. Cats are extremely nosey. They must know everything and even want to know what you are bringing into their home. Yes, their home. I have realized that I am the servant for my little creatures. I am the cook, housemaid, and entertainer. So, I will let you know of things I have learned from my babies or about their needs. 
I will start with food. I feed 95% DRY food. Wet food is a treat. Just like dessert. If they do not eat their dry food, they shouldn't fill up with wet. WHY???? Dry food has 38%+ of Protein. Wet food has 9%. Siberians and Maine Coons NEED high Protein. The dry food I use is Purina One for Kittens and Purina Pro Plan for Kittens. I am feeding my adult cats this food, but I also mix with Purina Pro Plan for adults. I am on subscribe and save with Amazon for these items. The Purina One for Kittens runs about $20 for a 16lb bag. The Purina Pro Plan for Kittens is about $40.00 for a 16lb bag. As for "TREATS" , at this age they need their Protein. They need to eat well and grow. Skip the treats unless you actually only give a couple here and there. 
Next we look at Litter.  I use pellets and my breeders use Pellets. Pine pellets. WHY???? Clay litter has 2 no-no's. Kitty goes in clay box and digs for his chosen space to poo. So digging is causing dust to rise and float around and then your kitten breathes it in. Second, kitten washes his paws after clay box and licks off the clay. Now he has ingested it. Imagine this as a daily routine, several times a day, and see that this is not good. Pine Pellets are natural. Not harmful. I purchase Natural pine pellets in a green bag from Amazon. I do bulk bags so it is $40.00 for 80 lbs. That is 4 (20LB) bags. I have also purchased horse or rabbit bedding from the farm store. If you are around one of those you will find it cheaper. 
Lysine. WHY???? Well, Lysine is great for inflammation, gums, joints, immune system. 98% of all cats have the herpes Cat Virus. Not like ours. It is something they are born with and it reacts when they are stressed or low immune system. Lysine chews fro Amazon are given once a day and they love the taste. There is a treat!!! It helps keep them from getting sick and builds up immune system. It is not uncommon that kitty will get upper respiratory infections. If you notice sneezing, coughing and wheezing, these chews are very helpful. BUT, if you have them on hand, you should just be giving once or twice a day to avoid any issues. VERY IMPORTANT.... If your kitten is NOT eating for more than a day, CALL ME!!!. Same with drinking water and going potty. It takes 3 days for a kitten to go down fast from not eating. 
Water bowl... If you use a fountain, you need to clean it every 2 days. WHY???? Cat's saliva has tons of bacteria. When they drink, they get lots of saliva running through the fountain. It will grow more bacteria very quick. if that happens, they will get sick and vomit or have diarrhea. Pretty yucky, so clean the fountain. I personally do not use the fountains because it is a hassle. Unplug it, carry to sink, clean filter, clean inside fountain, fill up and plug it back in. NOPE. I just use bowls. Empty the water daily, wipe with a paper towel and refill. The other thing that can give your kitty diarrhea is wet food. 
Toys. Ok. Toys are great. My kitties love their toys. I need to be careful about types of toys. The cat will eat anything that is a string or looks like a string. Some toys have mylar strings. Those are bad. WHY???? Those strings get ingested and cause obstructions in their bowels. Strings in the bowels probably need surgery. Also, be careful with catnip. If they get a huge whiff and it goes up their nose, it could lodge up there and cause a bacterial infection. Also, it is not good to let them eat so much of it. I know it is fun to watch them get "high", but just use common sense with it. 
House Plants or FAUX pretend plants. Yes, they will eat the real plants and the fake plants. WHY????? I do not know. LOL. Then, they vomit up green plastic or real leaves. Also, lots of plants are toxic to cats. 
Electric cords. Cats will play with cords. Electracution is a common thing in CAT  Emergency room. Please wind them up and tuck them away or tape them up. Very dangerous for kitty. Again, this is common sense but many do not think about this. Even plugging in your phone to charge or leaving plugged in phone cord exposed can cause you to possibly kill your cat. 
Different things that can cause sickness or death... well, I am thinking of these as I go. You know the gel packs that come in pill bottles or shoe boxes or packaging? Toxic to pets. Chicken bones, not good. People food, not good. Too much sodium and other junk. Milk is a big NO. Cats do not do well with milk. Chocolate is also bad.  When you spary Lysol for odors, do not let the spray get into their food or water or in their lungs. Lysol is good and bad. If anyone else comes up with more stuff let me know. I can add to this list. 
MOST important, if a kitten does not eat or drink for more than a day, CALL  me. Get the Lysine chews from Amazon to get their immune system up. Any questions, please feel free to call or text or email or message me. Thanks to all!!!
P.S. I use Amazon, you don't have to. I think Chewy and PetSmart, etc have many of these things. Again, thanks to everyone and happy cuddles with your new baby!!