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Deposit and Balance Information

Please Note that we only take 2 ADULT visitors at a time. Please understand we can not have children under 15 years old.

Deposit is $400. Once you decide you are sure about purchasing and taking care of your kitten, you can TEXT me to be sure the kitten you want is still available. BEFORE you send your deposit PLEASE TEXT 540-429-0311 or email . TEXT is BEST!!!


Deposits are Non-refundable.

That is why I want you to think about this kitten. They need lots of love and attention and care. In return, you will have a furry friend for life. Deposits are taken by Zelle, Cash App, and Credit Card option through the website. Please do not make a deposit until we are sure your kitten choice is available. TEXT me first 540-429-0311

Balances are due at pick up or delivery of your kitten. Please check your bank to be sure there are not limits when paying your balance. People sometimes run into this problem, and we are sitting trying to find ways to make or complete the payment. Please try to be prepared. We can do Cash App, Zelle, Credit Card through the website or good old cash. 

READ BLOG PAGES. Many of your questions can be answered through the FAQ Page and the Information page and the CONTRACT page.


What should I do once kitten comes home?

It is seriously best to give the kitten some peace and quiet for a couple of days. Keep kids calm and pets away for a while. They should be quarantined until their vet visit.  Let them get used to you coming in and petting them and talking to them. If the kitten is overwhelmed and scared, things will not go well. It's very likely a stressed kitten will start sneezing or getting an upper respiratory infection or die from Exhaustion. They don't know when to stop. Let their immune systems build up. Do not let them walk on grass outdoors for some time. They can get bacteria, virus and worms, especially from dog poo. Just be calm and easy with them. It's a new home for them and they need to adjust slowly. 



Kittie hugs,Mina

Please read the blog pages. !!!!
Much important information. 

Delivery Options


Curbside Delivery.  I can have your kitten delivered directly to your home by car. I suggest driving instead of air since it is a little less stressful to your kitten. The fee will be $50/hr which will be charged for a roundtrip. For example, if you are 2 hrs away, it would be a charge of 4 hrs which covers the trip back home. If you choose this transport method, you can pay this fee when I deliver your kitty. 


I can meet you part way. Again, it would be $50/hr to include my return trip. If you choose this transport method, bring cash when meeting.


You are welcome to pick up your kitten from the Mineral, VA. location. This is FREEEEE!!!!! YAYYYY.  Personally, this option is best for your kitten.  The Lake Anna State Park is a few miles away from my home. Nice restaurants as well. I will not lie. TRAFFIC sucks. 


Nanny Air delivery $ 500-$1,000 depending on flight costs and your location. We can get a better rate once we know your location. Covers any expenses like hotel or airport fees. Your kitten will travel with me or a Pet Nanny to your airport in the cabin. 


Air Travel for kitten in Cargo. The kitten is put in the carrier and flies in pressurized cargo area. You can check airfare yourself for airfare rates for pets from Reagan National in D.C. Once we all decide on date, time and airline, we can take kitty to the airport. I am charging $100.00 for this choice. I ask that you choose mid-morning or early afternoon departure flight times. Traffic during rush hours is horrible. Please make this payment separately.

It is possible to come see the kittens in person. This is for serious buyers.  We would need to make arrangements and we will be wearing masks. I am now asking that only 2 adults come. Kitties get scared when there is a lot of loud activity and running around. If you have older children , we can discuss visits. I need to limit exposure to kitties. If one kitty gets sick, they ALL GET SICK! Please use your discretion concerning the VIRUS. IF you are feeling sick, someone else you had contact with was sick, coughing, sneezing, fever, etc... PLEASE DO NOT COME. I need to protect my family and the kittens. I hope you understand. 

Enchanted Kittens 

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Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 9
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