Health Guarantee: **Please read Blog for more info on kitten care.

The kitten/kittens will be transferred to the Buyer in good health to the best of the Breeder knowledge. All kittens from the Enchanted Kittens Cattery will have age appropriate vaccinations and will be de-wormed at least 2 to 3 times before they leave the cattery.  The Breeder will supply a health record to the Buyer with the kitten. The Buyer agrees to have the kitten/kittens examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase and agrees to notify the Breeder within 24 hours of any adverse findings other than stress-induced minor upper respiratory infection. Therefore, you will need to make your vet appointment as soon as you know you are purchasing the kitten. Things are backed up due to Coronavirus, so I am giving you a heads up. The Buyer agrees that if kitten is sold or given to someone else OR exposed to other animals that are not protected with vaccinations, the guarantee will be null and void. If there is a congenital issue with the kitten, Buyer must provide a written report, signed by the examining licensed veterinarian, including the diagnosis and all test results the diagnosis is based on, to the Breeder. The Buyer may return the kitten/kittens to the Breeder for a refund (ONLY if congenital defect is proven) of the purchase price excluding $400 deposit/reservation fees. No medical or travel charges will be refunded. The Buyer can choose to get another kitten from Breeder, instead of the refund, but transportation costs will be the Buyer’s responsibility. Enchanted Kittens Cattery kitten/kittens are guaranteed against congenital diseases for 6 months. Should the kitty die within that time as a direct result of a congenital disease, the cat will be replaced ONLY if an appropriate autopsy is performed by a licensed vet and a vet’s certificate is provided as proof of cause of death. A replacement will be made of a cat of comparable quality and value, as available, at the discretion of the Breeder. Rabies, FIV virus, and FeLV virus are NOT genetic diseases and are not covered by this health guarantee. These viruses can be avoided by simply vaccinating your kittens at appropriate time as recommended by your Veterinarian.  Kittens purchased from the breeders overseas will have a 3 month guarantee after you receive your kitten.  I do trust the breeders from Ukraine. I have worked with them for over a year now. I am requesting they perform 3 tests which are FIV, FeLV and Fcov. These tests should ensure we receive healthy kittens. If there is a problem that is congenital or costly or expensive, I suggest you talk to me first before you make this investment. I cannot pay or reimburse you for medical bills on congenital issues or other problems that can be costly. . I would be able to replace the kitten with another kitten or return your money after the vet exam has been completed. I feel like it is my responsibility to provide you with a healthy kitten. I will do my best to help, but need to be informed if something is happening. In other words, before you spend more money on the kitten, talk to me first, If you decide to continue with this kitten, the expense will be yours. My suggestion will be to let me get you another kitten. 

All follow-up vaccinations and ANY and ALL other veterinary health care treatments or expenses are the responsibility of the Buyer, including the cost of spay or neuter. We require a Buyer to have a kitten/kittens spayed/neutered when they are at the proper age (5 to eight months for a female and six to eight months for a male). Breeder will allow UP TO  10 Months to receive confirmation from Buyer’s Veterinarian. Some of my breeders include spay/neuter. Your kitten will be registered with The International Cat Association (TICA) or whichever organization that the breeders have chosen. However, if you have paid for a pedigree certificate it will NOT be mailed to you until Enchanted Kittens Cattery receives verification from a licensed veterinarian that your kitten has been spayed or neutered. Buyer assumes all risks of alteration surgery.  Breeder may confirm alteration of the kitten with the veterinarian certifying the alteration.  This is done to protect the natural breed of the Siberian cats and Maine Coon cats.. If the Buyer fails to EITHER alter the kitten WITHIN 10 months from the kitten’s birth date or provide written proof to the breeder, the Buyer agrees that the Breeder has the right to repossess the kitten with no obligation or refund from the Breeder and the Buyer shall deliver the kitten to the Breeder within 14 days of demand from Breeder.  Please note that I do not want to take these actions. I prefer that you abide by the terms and we have no issues. Once all confirmations are complete, Enchanted Kittens will send Buyer the Kittens TICA transfer and Pedigree Certificate (if you have purchased one)

Additional Costs apply if Buyer is using the kitten for breeding. AGAIN, The TICA registration will not be provided if Buyer has not paid the additional breeding fee. Pedigree papers will not be released to Buyer if additional fee is not paid. The additional fee for a kitten purchased for breeding is an additional $1,000.00, unless Enchanted Kittens offers a different fee. The Registrations are different for pets and breeding cats. Enchanted Kittens Cattery reserves the right to refuse selling for breeding purposes.  Applications will be considered, but not guaranteed.

If you want to be put on the waiting list for any of MY breeding parents, please call me at 540-429-0311. We will discuss which cats are breeding and when litters can be expected. I do not like to take deposits or to have long waitlists. We can talk on the phone and figure out our options. If we decide to move forward, we can do your deposit. You will need to let me know your preferences for gender and preference of colors, breed, etc.  If they are NOT available, you may choose what is available, or wait until the next litters. If you have no preferences, simply let me know there is NO PREFERENCE. While you are waiting for a litter, I will offer you kittens available on my website, If you see one on my site that you would prefer INSTEAD of waiting for my litter, I AM ALLOWING EVERYONE to transfer their deposit to the kitten on my site.  

If you are placing a deposit on my expected litters, First deposit received has First Choice. Second deposit received has Second Choice, etc… Your deposit will be held until you make your choice of your perfect kitten. To be certain that you are placed on any list, it is really better to call me and talk in person. Also, do not make any deposits until we speak on the phone. 540-429-0311.

If you want to choose from available kittens, please call me before making a deposit.540-429-0311.  It is possible the kitten has been sold and I have not had time to mark as sold. .It is best to contact me BEFORE you pay a deposit. I need to verify that your kitten is still available. Let me know which kitten you want. If the Kitten is still too young to be delivered, send the NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.  IF the kitten is of age and good health, you will need to send the entire amount. We will discuss transportation of the kitten and have all kitten information available to you. Once you get your kitten home, there are No RETURNS. Please be sure you do not have cat allergies since this is not a reason to return a kitten. If the kitten is too playful is not a reason to return. If the kitten talks to much is not a reason to return. I am just tossing some things for you to consider and making sure you are ready for little paws running around, playing, meowing, under your feet, etc... Please be sure you are ready to take responsibility of the kitten. It is my goal to give them happy homes and to provide you with a furry little friend.

PLEASE sign, date and return documents. You may bring them to me when you pick up your kitten. *****If I do not have documents signed by you and me, there is NO guarantee. ****By signing and returning this contract and Health Guarantee, you agree that you understand and accept the terms listed above. 


Deposit Information


Deposit is $400. Once you decide you are sure about purchasing and taking care of your kitten, you can call me to be sure the kitten you want is still available. BEFORE you send your deposit PLEASE call 540-429-0311 or email


Deposits are Non-refundable.

That is why I want you to think about this kitten. They need lots of love and attention and care. In return, you will have a furry friend for life. Deposits are taken by Zelle, Cash, Cashier’s Check, Venmo and Credit Card through the website. Please do not make a deposit until we are sure your kitten choice is available. Call me first 540-429-0311

If you are getting one of OUR own kittens the remaining balance can be divided into 2 payments. First will be at 8weeks and the second will be at 12 weeks. You may pay with  Zelle, Venmo, Cash, Cashier’s Check or credit card. PLEASE be sure payment is received on time. I want things to go smoothly. The kittens will be available to you at 10-12 weeks provided all is well. If I believe the kitten needs a bit more attention from the Mommy Cat, I will keep kitten until 12 weeks, possibly longer if needed. 

If you are purchasing one of our kittens, the First deposit received will have the first pick, Second deposit received will have second pick, etc… through fifth/sixth picks. Once the kittens are born, I will post photos. I will update photos every 5-7 days. If you need more pictures, feel free to get in touch with me and I will send them.


The first deposit may choose as soon as they are ready to choose. I recommend you wait until the 5th week as you can better see the colors and we can determine gender. After the first depositor has chosen, second depositor will choose, etc, BUT they will need to decide by 6 weeks. This gives next in line time to choose their kitty. You can also give your choices in the order which you prefer. For example, if you are the third deposit pick, you can put in order your first choice through 3rd choice. If first 2 are taken, you will get the 3rd one you picked.  I also take deposits for future kittens, but only after we have discussed details about future litters. 


If you are purchasing a kitten from one of our BREEDERS, the remaining balance will be due when you pick up the kitten. Kittens coming from other breeders cannot travel until they are 4.5 months old. Kittens of various breeds may become available and will be posted. We are even looking at getting some White Bengal kittens and Abyssinians. I work with other breeders and will only have purebreds on my site. If there is a different breed you are interested in, let me know. I may be able to help.  Deposits are Non-refundable. So again, be sure you are ready to have your kitten and provide it with love. 

Kittie hugs,Mina

Please download and sign agreement. Bring it with you when you pick up your kitten

Delivery Options


Curbside Delivery.  I can have your kitten delivered directly to your home by driving. I suggest driving instead of air since it is a little less stressful to your kitten. The fee will be $50/hr which will be charged for a roundtrip. For example, if you are 2 hrs away, it would be a charge of 4 hrs which covers the trip back home. If you choose this transport method, you can pay the additional amount by 8 week balance due date OR pay when I deliver your kitty.


I can meet you part way. Again, it would be $50/hr to include my return trip. If you choose this transport method, please include this in the 8 week balance due date or bring cash when meeting.


You are welcome to pick up your kitten from the Alexandria  VA location. This is FREEEEE!!!!! YAYYYY.  Personally, this option is best for your kitten. This pick up location is for kittens coming into the airport. We will discuss the day and time for you to come and get the kitty. If you are unable to get your kitten on delivery day, I will need to bring them to my home in Spotsylvania. If you cannot pick up your kitten after 2 days of arrival, I will need to charge a fee. You must understand that I have over 12 cats here. Not including kittens. LOL. I need to keep your kitty separate from mine. I do offer boarding of pets but there is a fee for boarding and your pet will be kept safe and sound. 


Nanny Air delivery $ 500-$1,000 depending on flight costs and your location. We can get a better rate once we know your location. Covers any expenses like hotel or airport fees. Your kitten will travel with me or a certified Pet Nanny to your airport in the cabin. 


Air Travel for kitten in Cargo. The kitten is put in the carrier and flies in pressurized cargo area. You can check airfare yourself for airfare rates for pets from Reagan National in D.C. Once you decide on date, time and airline, let me know so I can take kitty to the airport. I am charging $100.00 for this choice. I ask that you choose mid-morning or early afternoon departure flight times. Traffic during rush hours is horrible. Please include this payment on your 8 week balance due date.

It is possible to come see the kittens in person. This is for serious buyers.  We would need to make arrangements and we will be wearing masks. I am now asking that only adults come. Kitties get scared when there is a lot of loud activity and running around. If you have older children , we can discuss visits.I need to limit exposure to kitties. If one kitty gets sick, they ALL GET SICK! Please use your discretion concerning the VIRUS. IF you are feeling sick, someone else you had contact with was sick, coughing, sneezing, fever, etc... PLEASE DO NOT COME. I need to protect my family and the kittens. I hope you understand. 

Enchanted Kittens 

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