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 If you want to make an appointment to visit, please plan for a weekday between 1:30pm-5pm.  Leave me a TEXT message so we can make arrangements. PLEASE check arrival date of any kitten you are interested in. They will NOT BE HERE TO VISIT if they have not arrived yet. Also, keep in mind that they usually sell before arrival dates. I suggest you do your deposit to reserve a kitten if you really like it.

I will be away from Sept 1-25, 2024. This means no kitty pick ups. You will still be able to send me messages through Facebook to reserve kittens, but physical pick-ups will not happen until I return. We will also not be doing visits during this time since we will be short on help and kitten care is most important thing to take care of. 

Please read through the contract before purchasing a kitten from Enchanted Kittens. I will be making this as simple as possible, so we have a clear understanding about purchasing a kitty. 

  Before making any deposit, please be positive that you are ready for a commitment to care for your new kitty. I DO NOT offer refunds. This means providing a safe home. This means teaching all family members to respect the new addition and treat them with kindness. Pets are not toys, but a family member. I will also not sell kittens as surprise gifts. 

  Pets are not inexpensive creatures. They require food, litter, clean surroundings, vaccines, and other vet related issues that may come up. We had a very bad experience where a kitten left here perfectly healthy and died within 6 hrs after being at a new owner's home. Please teach children that they should be easy and gentle with a kitten or cat or any other pet. Kicking, chasing, shaking, smothering, sitting on and various other activities can kill a pet. They are fragile. If there is an incident, you can have a necropsy performed at your cost and if there is a genetic issue with any organs, we will replace the kitten. 

  I do not intentionally sell sick kitties. I try my best to sell healthy kittens. I have a reputation of being a good breeder and importer. I do not want to ever mess that up. If I feel a kitty is sick, I will take care of it until they are in the clear. I am always honest about any concerns and take responsibility if there is a problem. Once I release the kitty to you, it is YOUR responsibility to GET THEM TO THE VET for a regular checkup. This means you need to have an appointment within a few days of getting your kitty. Not 2 weeks or a month or 3 months. If there is an issue, I need to know within a few days. I ask that you do a regular blood test to check for any abnormalities of the liver and kidneys. These tests will show any issues immediately. If the tests come back with some issues, I will take the kitten back and offer you a different kitten. I do not recommend FIV/FeLV tests until kitties are over 8 months old. They often come back with false readings. This is because the kittens still carry the mothers' antibodies. Do NOT go into debt to take care of any issues other than simple things. I repeat, IF there is an issue with blood work, I will take the kitten back right away. I will let you choose another kitten. I will not be responsible for vet bills you incur because you did not let me take possession of a sick kitty. Please have your vet check the gums of your kitten and to listen to their heart. It is most likely that kittens will have inflamed gums because they are teething. They are young and shedding their baby teeth as well as new ones coming in. I cannot control their gums. It is always best to give mostly dry food to help scrape teeth clean. Cats are not immune to gum issues or sicknesses. A common issue with cats and Maine Coons as well, is STOMATITIS.  Please read about this. It is nothing we can test for. There is not actually a cure, but treatments are available to help with inflammation. You may see a kitten perfectly well and then 2 years later, could pop up with this. We even had our own kitty Waldo get it. The vet removed several of his teeth and he is now a happy kitty. Just like humans, they can develop problems. It is as easy as that. We get sick, they get sick. Purebreds are not an exception.  BUT, if there is a problem with the liver, heart, kidneys, the blood test will show it. Again, do it within 3-5 days of getting your kitten. Vets are backed up, so plan for it around the time we expect to have your kitten here for pickup. 

  It is best to use the Hill's Science for Kittens. We previously used Purina Brands, but there has been many complaints about sick cats and dogs from the Purina Brand. We also noticed Royal Canin on the bad list. Our own meats are loaded with antibiotics or injected with saline to tenderize. Even if you cook it before feeding, you really don't know what's in there. Canned Tuna is good if a kitty is not eating at all, but keep in mind it also has mercury. So, not something you want to give often. If you change their food abruptly, it could cause diarrhea or vomiting. Even if you find a different food later on, change it a little at a time. Stomach upset is not fun. 

  The kittens from overseas are usually spayed/neutered. IF we did not have time or resources to spay/neuter, it is your responsibility to get it done. You will not breed any cats from Enchanted Kittens.  I do NOT sell kittens for breeding. 

My own litters are usually not spayed or neutered since they usually go to their homes at a younger age. Once you have spayed/neutered your kitten, I will send you the papers for the registration so you can be legal owner of your kitty. This should be done by 5-6 months old to avoid behavioral issues such as spraying. Females could also develop PYOMETRA in the uterus since they can go into heat before 6 months old. Pyometra can develop and cause severe sickness or death. It happens quickly! We are implementing some safeguards for our own kittens which include and is not limited to a $10,000 fine for not providing spay or neuter paperwork by the time the kitten is 7 months old unless under direct veterinarian instruction. In this case, we will need your vet information to contact them. Once you have completed spay/neuter, please email me your receipt so we can process your TICA certified transfers and a free pedigree. We are not doing this to ruffle any whiskers, but must protect and ensure proper care for our kittens. Breeding is NOT a game. 

  Our QUEENS are tested for Chlamydia, Calicivirus, Herpes, FIV/FeLV and parent verified FIV/FeLV and HCM. Since we have made the serious decision to breed again, we are now implementing new safeguards to keep our Momma's safe, healthy and happy and to have healthy and adorable kittens. We plan to release kittens at 3 months old unless we feel they need more time with the Momma. By 3 months old, we can administer 2 Distemper vaccines. You will be responsible for the 3rd Distemper and Rabies before 4 months old. We will announce pregnant Mommas, but will not take deposits until they are over 4 weeks old. Many things can go wrong and it is not fair to hold deposits if we cannot provide healthy kittens. Please friend and like us on Enchanted Kittens Facebook page so you can see when postings are made for available litters. 

  The kittens from overseas are now given 3 Distemper vaccines. We used to do 2 Distemper, but we are now completing the series in order to fully protect the kittens during travel. They also receive their Rabies vaccine and are dewormed. The parents are tested for FIV/FeLV. We do everything we can to provide safe travels for them. They are also Microchipped. They are most often spayed/neutered. 

  Keeping in mind that we do everything possible to protect the kittens, there is the chance that they could catch something or become sick. This includes my own litters. Kittens can be easily stressed by a vet visit, travel, going to a new home, dealing with other pets or children, etc. Most kittens are born with The Feline Herpes Virus. It comes and goes through their lifetime. Just like us, stress can bring it on. I STRONGLY recommend quarantining your new kitten for a week or until blood work comes back from the vet. before exposing them to other pets. This does not mean that you let them touch or smell each other through the crack under the door. You should also sanitize your hands or even clothing after handling the new kitten. JUST in CASE!!! It is easy to transfer something. It goes both ways. If you hear your pets sneezing, coughing, etc... whatever they may be carrying can pass to the new kitten.

  Please read my INFORMATION pages since there is a lot of useful information available. 

  This Contract will need to be signed by you on pickup day or delivery day. I just want to be sure everything is understood so we don't have any problems.  Thank you for choosing Enchanted Kittens and I will do my best to provide you with a sweet furry friend. - Mina 

Please be prepared to sign when getting your kitten. 


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What should I do once kitten comes home?

It is seriously best to give the kitten some peace and quiet for a couple of days. Keep kids calm and pets away for a while. They should be quarantined until their vet visit.  Let them get used to you coming in and petting them and talking to them. If the kitten is overwhelmed and scared, things will not go well. It's very likely a stressed kitten will start sneezing or getting an upper respiratory infection or die from Exhaustion. They don't know when to stop. Let their immune systems build up. Do not let them walk on grass outdoors for some time. They can get bacteria, virus and worms, especially from dog poo. Just be calm and easy with them. It's a new home for them and they need to adjust slowly. 



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