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Where do our kittens come from? 

At this time, our breeders send kittens from Ukraine and Russia. We may eventually add more from other European Blood lines if we find reputable breeders. 

Why do they come at 4 months old?

By 4 months, we are able to provide 3 Distemper vaccines, Rabies, Dewormings, Spay/Neuters. This time frame allows kittens to absorb vaccines prior to travel. It also gives a recovery time after spay/neuters. This also is a safe age to assume kittens are not sick since many kittens die from various things before this age. Yes, even in controlled environments.


Can we come visit the kittens?

Kittens arrive at different dates. These dates are listed under their photos and information on the website. It is our goal to find new parents for the kittens prior to their arrival. So, people reserve the kitten they love and pick them up or have them delivered once they arrive. Sometimes kittens arrive without new parents. These kittens that are still available will NOT have a SOLD sign on their photo. Yes, you can visit these kittens, but still need to wait until they arrive and if they have not been sold. This is a rare occurrence, but sometimes will happen.

Do kittens come spay/neutered?

Usually in MOST cases, YES. We do this for a few reasons.

First, we do not want anyone breeding our kittens without permission or paying for breeding rights. BUT, we do not sell for breeding anymore. 

Second, we do the surgeries to make sure nothing happens to the kitten during the recovery period. If something happens, we will not bring the kitten. 

Third, we do this as a courtesy. This saves new parents money and time and allows kitten to be ready without having anything that needs to be done. 

What if kitten arrives without spay/neuter? If this happens, it will be your responsibility to have this done. We suggest a low cost clinic. We really do not want this to happen, so more than likely, kitten will be spay/neutered by our breeders. 

What kind of litter do you use?

We are using OKOCAT litter. This is the one with purple stripe. It clumps and you don't have to waste much. We are also using the World's best litter in the red bag. More information is on the INFORMATION page along with the links

What kind of kitten food do you use? 

We are currently using Hill's Science for Cats 1-6 yrs old and mixing with Hill's Science for Kittens. We NO LONGER recommend  any Purina Products for food. We give 90% of food in DRY FOOD. It has 38+% of protein. We give wet food as a treat. Only 1/2 of a small can per meal. We mix it with the dry to give it more flavor. Do NOT feed your cat too much wet. Especially Maine Coons and Siberians since they NEED the high protein. Also, too much wet will cause diarrhea and then you have a sick, dehydrated cat. Then, a vet bill. Vets will very often suggest more wet food. This is fine if you have a regular cat. BUT YOU DON'T!!! Maine Coons and Siberians MUST have the protein in DRY food. Compare 38+% in dry food to 9% in wet food.  Links for food are on the INFORMATION page. 

How much do we feed our kitten?

We suggest a cup of dry with a 1/2 can of wet food. They need the protein in the dry food. If the kitten has diarrhea, you must CUT out the wet food.  You can also introduce Proviable into their food daily. This helps with tummy and digestion.  More info on the Information page. 

Should we quarantine? 

Yes, yes, yes. Put kitten in a calm small room with their food, litter box, some toys and a blankie. We recommend you keep them away from other pets until your vet has given them their check-up. Remember that they should already have a vet appointment scheduled before they arrive. We also recommend that parents and anyone handling the kitten, should sanitize after petting the kitten. 

When does the kitten need to see the vet? 

We usually have a confirmed date of the kittens arrival around 10-14 days before they come. I send out multitexts to everyone to schedule their pick up dates or to schedule deliveries. Once we text, you need to get on the phone and make your vet appointment. I ask that everyone has their kitten to the vet within 3 days after arrival. I will not be responsible if you wait for a week or more to have the kitten seen. Many things can go wrong and can progress if they do not see the vet. Read the CONTRACT to understand any issues with a sick kitten.

What vaccines will my kitten need?

NONE. Your kitten will NOT need vaccines for another year. All you need from your vet is a basic blood panel. This will show any abnormalities. If there are abnormalities with heart, liver, kidneys, let me know asap. Please be ready to send me the entire blood test result so we can review it with our vets. If there is a problem, we will exchange the kitten or offer a refund. Remember that this must be done in 3 days. 

Does my kitten need a Leukemia vaccine? Or FeLV/FIV test?

NO NO NO. Leukemia vaccine can make your pets sick. Do Not do. 

FeLV/FIV tests are inaccurate on young kittens. They still carry the Mother's antibodies so it will give an inaccurate result. Do not pay for tests you do not need. The parents of our kittens are tested for these things. IF your kitten is sick, this test can be done , but your vet MUST send it to a lab. Directly to a lab. If they do within their office, it will likely show a false result and then they send it to the lad. DOUBLE FEES! 

What should I do once kitten comes home?

It is seriously best to give the kitten some peace and quiet for a couple of days. Keep kids calm and pets away for a while. They should be quarantined until their vet visit.  Let them get used to you coming in and petting them and talking to them. If the kitten is overwhelmed and scared, things will not go well. It's very likely a stressed kitten will start sneezing or getting an upper respiratory infection or die from Exhaustion. They don't know when to stop. Let their immune systems build up. Do not let them walk on grass outdoors for some time. They can get bacteria, virus and worms, especially from dog poo. Just be calm and easy with them. It's a new home for them and they need to adjust slowly. 

What if kitten has diarrhea? 

Call the vet. Cut back on all wet food. Give Forti Flora found on Amazon or at your vets office. 

What if kitten vomits?

Call the vet. Feed smaller amounts. They will sometimes gorge themselves if they feel they need to compete for food. Proviable  is good as well. 

What about toys?

Nothing with feathers, strings, wires. Check toys to make sure stuffing is not coming out. Avoid too much cat nip. If this gets trapped in their sinuses, you are looking at an infection. 

What about cat trees?

We are starting to do away with cat trees. If you do have them, make sure they are not so tall. Kittens will jump and land on their front paws which are not so strong yet.  Also, some trees use hard nylon fibers for the scratching portions. We have seen cats trying to eat these fibers that are unraveling. This will shred their mouths and mess up their stomachs. We have actually duck taped unraveling parts. 

What can we do for poopie butts?

I suggest you get a sanitary trim for your kitty. Do NOT try to trim this yourself or you may wind up in kitty ER. Their skin is like rice paper. One tiny cut will spread open. You may use trimmers, but use a guard. I am sadly speaking from experience. 

What about house plants?

You will need to google to see which plants are poisonous to pets. Many are. Lots of people say, oh, my kitty doesn't bother them until the kitty did bother them. 

What is Herpes Virus? 

This is something that most kittens are born with. They will have it their entire lifetime. It will show its ugly head when kittens/cats are stressed. This can even be a car ride, trip to the vets, adding another pet, loud household, kitty being abused, any changes really. It just happens. You should google this to read about it and try to avoid it. 

What if kitten has bad breath?

We are seeing this more and more across the lands. Sometimes changes in cat food may start it. Sometimes it's from teething. Gums will often be inflamed in a kitten when they are shedding and bringing in new teeth.  Sometimes it requires antibiotics and sometimes even surgery. Purebreds are not immune to infections or diseases. They get sick just like us. We just need to do what we can to help. Stomatitis is especially common now. We had to have Waldo's teeth removed because of this issue. 

Are kittens expensive?

Yes. It takes money to care for any pet. Food, litter, vaccines, vets, etc. 

What should we look for in kitten food?

Protein should be 38%+, Taurine should be in the food, Meat should be the first ingredient. 

Wet food should have meat as the first ingredient. It usually only has 9-11% protein. Wet food just helps provide some tastiness and moisture. 

Should we trim kittens nails?

Yes, but use a lot of caution if you do it yourself. You need to be careful not to cut into the Quick. This will result in serious bleeding. I recommend you let the vet do it. Along with cleaning their ears and sanitation trim. 

Repeated question. LOL. Can we visit little Arnie?

First check if little Arnie is still available. Next check his arrival date. You cannot visit little Arnie if he is still in Ukraine or Russia. 

The most often asked question is, Do you have any kittens????

Look on the website under Available Kittens.  Not sure how this one is always asked. 

Should I make a deposit once I find a kitten?

No. Please do not make a deposit until we confirm kitten is still available. 

How do I make a deposit?

We have Cash App, Zelle or Credit card option on the website. 

How do I pay my balance?

Before you arrive to pick up your kitten, check your payment methods to make sure you don't have limits. It is easier to be able to pay quickly so other people don't have to wait and we can keep things moving smoothly. You can use Cash, Cash App, Zelle or CC option on the website. 

I hope I have answered everything. If not, please send me a TEXT message. 540-429-0311 

Thank you to everyone and look forward to providing you with your new furry best friend. 

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