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Virginia, United States  

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About Us   

Cute Kitten

Enchanted Kittens is a very small cattery located in Virginia. I am able to show kittens at my new address in Lake Anna, Mineral Virginia. My kitties are all loved and given the best possible care. They eat healthy, play a lot and sleep like the angels (during the day). LOL.  I absolutely love them. Each has its own personality and provide you with a ton of love and joy. Playing with them, petting them, sitting and watching tv with them has a calming effect and has been proven to lower your stress levels. They make you smile; they make you laugh; they are your best friend.  I have searched and searched to find my purrfect  parent kitties, carefully looking at their pedigrees, appearance and personalities.  Choosing beautiful parent kitties will give us adorable baby kitties. 


My goal is to provide these little bundles of love with the purrfect loving and caring homes. They are cared for from the moment they are born until they go to their fur-ever homes. We play and socialize your kittie babies so they will be loving and want to be with their humans.


My own litters, here in Virginia, will be available to go home at 10-12 weeks old. They will be litter box trained. They will have their Distemper vaccines, de-worming and registrations. Veterinary papers and all records provided as well. Since they are young when they go home with you, they will not be spayed/neutered. We also will not have them microchipped. The Rabies vaccine should be given after 4-5 months old as well. 


My cattery also offers import from overseas. My overseas breeders are the breeders that I have purchased ALL of my parent cats. The kittens from overseas are sweet, affectionate and loving. Kittens from overseas are NOW being SPAYED/NEUTERED. This is now included in my prices. We are also providing tests for FeLV and FIV. These kittens also come with Rabies, Distemper, De-wormed, Microchipped and with their transfer papers. Pedigree certificates may be order for an additional $30.00. Please check my available kittens page for these adorable Purebred kittens. The availability dates that are listed are according to the kitten's age. The kittens MUST be 4.5 months old to travel overseas. Our own kittens that are available in Virginia will be able to go to their homes at 10-12 weeks. 


If you are interested in a particular breed, please let me know. I may be able to help. 

My Cattery is registered with The International Cat Association. My TICA # is 40102. I am under EnchantedKitten as Asimina Ray.  

PLEASE read Blog Page about THINGS TO KNOW.

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The Siberians

Siberians live 12-15 yrs. Born to be a problem solver, the Siberian is extremely attentive and intelligent. They are known to be Gentle around children and adapt easily to other family pets. Knowing this, PLEASE be sure children treat your kitty with kindness. They are Extremely mellow, yet love to play and are fun to watch.

The Siberian's big, sturdy frame features a dense, triple coat that is designed to weather cold climates. 


This giant among cat breeds has a sweet expression with it roundish face , round muzzle and full ruff around the neck. It also has big paws with tufts of fur poking out between the toes and a blunt-tipped tail.

The eyes come in many colors, including gold, green and blue. Our Siberians are Neva Masquerade, so they have beautiful blue eyes.

The Siberian's naturally low levels of the Fel d 1 protein is a big plus for those allergic to cats. They are known to be Hypo- Allergenic. Its medium-to-long haired coat comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.

The Siberian takes up to 5 years to reach full physical maturity. As you see pictures of Zeus and Zoya, they are a year old. Zeus will be very large and extremely fluffy. Zoya is a bit smaller, but will also grow to be med-large and so fluffy. I love the softness of their fur. 

Zeus is very affectionate and will sit on my lap for as long as he can. He loves to play and is very sweet to Zoya. He is often washing her and following her around to play. He knows he is stronger than Zoya, but always let's her "win".

Zoya is very sweet as well. She is very curious about everything. She also loves being held a lot. She washes my face every chance she gets. She also tries to wash Zeus and especially her friend Xioni. It is very sweet to watch them. She also loves to play like a Ninja. 


About Our Cats 

Cute Kitten

Maine Coons

The Maine Coons  live  12-15 years.  They are very playful and curious. They are always looking for things to chase around the house. Persephone loves the small aluminum-like toys. I toss it and she brings it back. Yes, she fetches!!! Xioni likes to surprise the other kitties and does an adorable pounce on them. Kusto likes to play with whatever Persephone is playing with. They are definitely active and entertaining.


They are kind and love attention. Please be sure your children treat them with kindness. They are very nosey and always want to know what you are doing. They seem to think they can help you with your chores. 

These kitties are like a small bobtail. They have a large frame, barrel chest, tuft ears, full mane, long snout, shaggy weatherproof coat and bushy tail. The head is large with big ears and expressive eyes that are wide set. Males weigh up to 25 pounds, 8 pounds more than females. Their bodies can stretch up to 40 inches in length.


Kusto is 18 months old and is already very long and weighs about 25+ lbs.


Persephone is over a year old and is long and stocky . She weighs about 20+ lbs.


Xioni is 2 years old and is growing into such a beauty. Her mane has recently grown in and is a stunning feature. 


Emma has had difficulties so she has been spayed. She is over 2 yrs old. I miss her so very much. She has gone to a new home.  She is so regal with her white collar and black coat. She is very sweet and playful.  She is definitely the Queen and is the boss of Benjamin. It is cute to see. 

Benjamin has been neutered since Emma can not have kittens with him. He is very handsome and as regal as Emma. He is extremely affectionate and follows me around. He is very protective of Emma and treats her so well. They make the perfect royal couple. He will get along with a very young male cat, but not a male cat over 5 months old. he is better with the females. 

My cats have wonderful personalities and are social. I am adding Xina and Ritta to my female breeding cats. Of course it will be a while before I let them breed. They are still young.



Zeus, Purebred Siberian


Zoya, Purebred Hypoallergenic Siberian

Siberian Parents

Zeus and Zoya are growing to be stunning adults. They are gorgeous parents. They have strong pedigrees and their markings are gorgeous. The kittens will develop stronger markings as they get older. Some will be light markings like Zoya and some will have darker markings like Zeus.


My Siberians are Neva Masquerade. They have the mask appearance and always have blue eyes. It is possible to have kittens which resemble Zoya’s Father. I am really hoping for this. Please look at the photos to see the Grandparents  and Parents of the kittens. Female kittens take their Father’s genes. Male kittens take their Mother’s genes. 

Cost Siberian 

Our Siberian kittens purchased as a pet are $2300. These kittens are adorable and so fluffy and will grow to be stunning adults. 

If you want to be put on a waitlist, please CALL me to discuss our options. I usually DO NOT take deposits for "POSSIBLE" litters a year away. I will take deposits for litters that I am expecting. First deposit has First Choice. Second has Second Choice, etc… I also allow up to 2 people to come visit the kittens after they are born. You may make regular visits to see your kitten grow. 


White Maine Coon Kitty


Persephone, Purebred Maine Coon Kitty


Kusto, Purebred Maine Coon


Ritta 5.jpg
Poly Zina 2.jpg

*In a year*

Maine Coon Parents

Cute Kitten
Pet Bowl

My Maine Coon parent kitties are very special in their own ways. Kusto has a very sculpted, masculine face, broad nose and large ears. Xioni has a delicate sweetheart face and dainty elegant features. Persephone is really gorgeous and offers such beautiful smokey markings. With King Kusto they should produce some smokey, black or black with white/silver markings and hopefully some pure white. We are adding Ritta and Xina to our Parent lists, but we have awhile to wait since they are young. With these 2 girls, we will have Silver and multi-colored kittens. I cannot wait to see them!!!  Keep in mind that the black or white kittens may change their coats. Some white kittens sometimes have slight black markings that will usually disappear as they become adults. Some black kittens may develop with some grey markings. Please look at the photos to see the Grandparents and Parents of the kittens. We are also working with other breeders to add kittens to our site with different colors and  interesting variations. 

Cost of Maine Coon Kitties 

Our Maine Coons range from $2150.00 to $2400.00. If you are purchasing your kitten as a pet, the cost is $2150.00. The POLYDACTYL Kittens are $2400.00. They are considered more exotic and special. We reserve the right to refuse selling for breeding, but we will consider all requests. Kittens will vary by colors and markings. There will be Smokey kittens like Persephone and Kusto. There will be black or grey with grey/silver around their collars and on their underside. Some may have mixed markings. They may also have other colors mixed in their body coat. They are so stunning and beautiful.  Xioni and Kusto should have some black, some white and some black and white.  Xioni will hopefully have some white kittens!!! I think those are very special. But, they are all special in my eyes. We are also working with other breeders to provide a larger variety of colors and variations. New additions are Emma and Benjamin. Both stunning and regal cats, There kittens should be amazing.

Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6
Cute Kittens Clipart By avenie Digital 6

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