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for soon-to-be Baby Kittens 
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Please send your deposit ($400.00) when you reserve on the Waitlist. Deposits are taken with Cashier's Check, Cash and Credit Card.

The deposits are NON-Refundable so be sure you are serious about your furbaby. Your deposit can also be applied to other future litters if you do not find a perfect one within our available choices. Choices are made in the order the deposits are received. 

Please fill out All information. We need to know where and to whom the deposit should be applied and the destination where kitten will need to go. 

Please make all your choices from PREFERENCES above. If you have no preferences, please choose NO PREFERENCE from drop down menu. 

By 8 weeks, you will need to have your balance paid in full by Cash or credit card. Any additional charges for transportation choices can be paid at 8 weeks as well, IF by car. YOU will need to handle transportation by plane and pay for that when you make reservation arrangements. You will just need to send me all information on date, time and airline # so I can get your kitty to the airport for transport. 

Pictures will be posted as soon as litters are born and then weekly. If you need more pictures, just let me know. I am always happy to show the babies grow. First choices start when kittens are 3 weeks old. They will be wearing little colored collars, so choices will be by the color of the collar. 

Feel free to call, text or email me with any questions. I prefer texts or emails at first. We are all dealing with Scam calls and solicitation calls, therefore I don’t always answer the phone if I do not recognize the number. If you do call, PLEASE, PLEASE leave me a message so I can get back to you. It should never take me longer than a few hours to get back to you. I know it is so exciting to get information about the kitties. 



Please send to mina@enchantedkittens.com 

****Please write the name of the

kitten you are sending a deposit for.****